Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Interventions and More.

Hello, Do you have a family member or friend that is struggling with addiction or mental health issues and cant seem to escape this devastating pattern? Well here at Abundant Solutions we can help intrupet that cycle so that your loved one can have a hope at anormal life. If someone close to you is dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar, gambling or sex addiction just to name a few and cant seem to get out of the cycle they are in feel free to contact me. Please check out my Webpage and hit the Intervention button for more information. We also serve a wide range of other services. Contact me in any of the following ways. www.abundantsolutionscounseling.com or Paulyluv.as@gmail.com or call me at 303-520-5092. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Paul Lovato BS CACIII.

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