Sunday, April 23, 2017

Being a "Chronic Malcontent" is a distorted systemic state of feeling that does not allow one to be content for very long. It's a feeling of not being good enough or there isn't enough. It's a feeling of the grass is always greener or no matter how good things are it's not good enough. It's looking thru a distorted lens of reality.This feeling causes people to use substances, food, sex, relationships, etc to try and change this feeling. People think they can fill it outside themselves they cannot. Therapy and spiritual treatment can allow a person to see reality thru a clean lens. If you are suffering from this fill free to contact me or another professional to help you begin to live a life where you can be happy and content in the moment. Peace & Freedom Paul. Distance isn't an Issue. Abundant Solutions Counseling. (303)520-5092