Monday, August 31, 2015

Free to be... Codependent No More!

Experiencing any of these or do you know someone that is. Definition of codependency. A co - dependent person is ones who has let another person's thoughts, feelings and behavior affect him or her, and who is obsessed with controlling that person's thoughts, feelings and behavior. Afraid to let people be who they are and allow events to happen naturally. Try to control events & people thru helplessness , guilt, coercion, threats, advice giving, manipulation and domination. Pretend circumstances are not as bad as they are. Tell themselves things will be better tomorrow. Latch on to whoever or whatever will make them happy. Often seek love from people incapable of loving. Don't take time to see if people are good for them. Don't take time to see if they love or like people. Center their life around love. Stay in relationships that don't work. Feel trapped in relationships. Wonder if they will ever find love. Talk to much, talk about other people. Feel very scared, hurt and angry. Reduce sex to a technical act. Wonder why they don't enjoy sex,lose interest in sex, make up reasons to abstain from sex. The good news is there is hope! Come join our codependent no more workshop starting Monday September 14, 2015. Please contact me for more information or to be sent a flyer. This group will close at 10 members and at this writing we already have 6. So contact me to get on the list. or call me at 303 - 520 -5092. Or find me on Facebook.. Twitter or G+. Peace to you all and hope to see you soon. Paul.

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